my egg has a crack in the universe.


genuinely want to know what’s so attactive about tom hiddleston, benedict cumberbatch, and david tennant like. what. even if i wasn’t gay i honestly just don’t understand what’s so great please help me understand i’m not even kidding break this down for me.

it’s different for everyone.

but for me, it’s witnessing their passion, dedication to character, and seeing them in action. photographs don’t do these men justice until you’ve seen and appreciated what they do on film. gestures, facial expression, and how they move from one to the other is everything.

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a dog

with a bowtie and glasses

that travels through time

I needa see this

Benny sings though guys
he sings

and gooood too

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being a Sherlockian
three months ain’t nothin but a thang son

ever notice that everyone and their dog makes an appearance in Muppet movies tho?

but haaave you seen the amount of projects Benny’s lined up for the next two years on imdb tho?

I wish I could erase Doctor Who from my memory

every episode, except the first one

so I could start every episode over again.